Everything at InterAsian Market's specialty deli is handmade from scratch. Our Chef, Boonkheng Xayarath, has over fifty years of experience, including cooking in Vietnam and Laos. The quality and taste is reflected in the food. Getting something from our deli is like getting something from your own dinner plate at home. We pride ourselves on serving fresh and quality products and not cutting corners.


Banh Mi Sandwiches

Original Banh mi

Vietnamese mayonaise, pate, char siu (red pork meat), cha lau (Vietnamese pork roll), jalapenos, pickled carrots & papaya, cilantro, cucumber on freshly toasted French bread

Served Daily

Double Meat banh mi

two layers of char siu (red pork meat)

Served Daily

Roast pork banh mi

a layer of crispy roast pork belly tops off the already delicious banh mi

Served Friday-Sunday

Shu Mai banh mi

ground pork with a mixture of vegetables and secret seasoning topped with our special in-house sauce

Served Friday-Sunday

Vegetarian tofu banh mi

fried tofu with sweet and tangy sesame sauce

Served Daily



Spring rolls

rice vermicelli, pork, shrimp, mixed vegetables in rice paper served with an InterAsian Market exclusive hoisin sauce

Served Friday-Sunday

Banh cuon

soft rice flour rolls stuffed with seasoned ground pork and minced mushroom served with cha lua (Vietnamese pork roll), minced shallots, hot & sweet fish sauce, mixed vegetables

Served Friday-Sunday

Bun Thit heo quay

rice vermicelli served with shrimp, roast pork, mixed vegetables, pickled carrots & papaya, hot & sweet fish sauce

Served Friday-Sunday

Roast Pork Belly

seasoned and cured slab of pork belly seasoned with the perfect mix of spices, oven-roasted until the perfect crispiness

Served Friday-Sunday

steamed bun

pork or chicken with a Chinese sausage and a quail egg wrapped in a jumbo rice flour bun

Served Saturday-Sunday



Sesame Balls

sticky rice flour coated with sesame seeds and filled with mung beans

Served Saturday-Sunday

Coconut BUNS

baked bread swirled with shredded sweet coconut

Served Daily

cream filled buns

baked bread filled with various creams: coconut, egg custard, pandan, red bean, taro

Served Daily


Pop-up specials

These items are pop-up specials and are not available on a day-to-day basis. Call ahead and ask if we have any available before you come and shop.

Banh Khot

circular rice flour dishes filled with pork meat, bean sprouts and topped with shrimp, fried onions, and served with hot & sweet fish sauce, sour carrots & papaya

Asian fried Chicken

fresh chicken leg quarters seasoned with our signature spices and fried to perfection

bo bia spring rolls

scrambled eggs, Chinese sausage, pickled diakon, dried shrimp make this an excellent breakfast item

Banh it tran

sticky rice dumplings filled with pork and topped with green onions, shrimp and served with hot & sweet fish sauce, sour carrots & papaya

Banh Loc

clear, tapioca dumpling topped green onion, fried onions and served with hot & sweet fish sauce, sour carrots & papaya

Egg rolls

filled with pork meat, beanthread noodle, cabbage, mushroom, egg

Banh Tet

sticky rice filled with mung bean and pork meat and wrapped in banana leaves

Fried pork skin

premium pork skin seasoned, fried, and lightly salted to give the perfect snack

Salted Duck Egg

sweet rice dessert

freshly steamed sticky rice with shredded coconut and coconut cream. this delicious dessert is topped with raisins and an InterAsian exclusive toppping mixture

banh khot (dessert)