Welcome to our first ever blog series! Through the "Day in the Life..." we will highlight members of the InterAsian Market team. You will see the daily happenings of our team and what we go through to bring you the best experience possible.

As chef and co-owner of InterAsian Market, Boonkheng Xayarath is responsible for the produce department, kitchen, and deli. As part of that, she oversees our produce team members. She is also our head chef and uses her experiences from Vietnam and Loas to create new deli dishes. Boonkheng is an integral part to the InterAsian Market team.

During the weekdays, Boonkheng starts her day out in the produce department with her team. They are responsible for cleaning, packaging new products, and restocking the produce department. Boonkheng takes inventory and places orders for new products when needed. Whenever shipments arrive, Boonkheng ensures all products are fresh and will divide work among her team. Boonkheng normally ends her weekdays with the deli and kitchen. She'll clean the kitchen, prepare food for the weekends, or make the many Packaged Foods we sell such as kimchi or sour carrots and papaya.

On the weekends, Boonkheng leads her team to focus on the deli. Starting the day early, the team starts preparing for the busy day. This includes preparing supplies and ingredients to cook with later. Once cooking starts, Boonkheng takes the lead cooking many of the deli dishes you see. Her team continues to assist throughout the day by continuing prep work and making banh mi sandwiches. 

Boonkheng's commitment to not only InterAsian Market but to its customers is like no other. She enjoys seeing customers happy and providing them with excellent, high quality products. 


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